About Deborah Fell

I help executives and their teams increase their leadership impact through coaching and development. In addition to coaching experience, I also have 30 years of business experience. I have held global executive positions, been responsible for business goals and teams, and dealt with the pressure of constant change in challenging environments.

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What Do Most Leaders Overlook?

Most leaders overlook the basics of balance. These can include:
– Taking care of themselves
– Nurturing personal relationships
– Maintaining their interests
– Focusing on health and fitness

Want to Increase Your Leadership Impact? Create Balance in Your Life.

The sad truth is, that all aspects of your life go by at the same speed. You can’t really store up […]

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In Pursuit of Leadership Impact

I have created a proprietary model as an important context for growing leadership impact. I developed this model after almost three decades of leadership experience, and through countless observations and conversations with executives.

It comes from the perspective of those that are supposed to follow you. And they ask no more than for you to simply […]

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