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2. Rate your satisfaction with each of the 8 aspects of life on a scale from 0 – 10 by following these directions:

  • With “0” being the center of the Wheel, and “10” being the outer edge, place a dot in each area of life that represents your level of satisfaction with that aspect of life starting with Career and going clock-wise.

Balance Wheel Leadership Coaching Header Image

3. Now, connect the dots and examine the new “wheel” you have created

How comfortable would you be if this new wheel was on your car during your ride in life?

Balance Wheel Key Questions

Examine the Balance Wheel: In what aspects of life are you most satisfied? Where do you need an overall makeover? Make notes in the white space below each area as thoughts come to you. Begin to think about what you want in and from this area of life, and where you want to make a difference for someone else.

Most of us have Career goals– what do you want and where are you on your path? How would you articulate your “dream job?” What would you be doing each day? Where would you be living? What would you be building for other stakeholders, such as employees, stockholders, etc.?

Are you content with your Spiritual life? What do you want it to be? What would a stronger spiritual life look like for you? What would you want to do more of? Or less of?

Finances might seem cut-and-dry – on the other hand, how comfortable are you with money? What does it mean to you? Are finances a stumbling block for your life and/or relationships? Or perhaps you are just finishing that savings or investment plan and feeling well in control of this part of your life.

Where do you want to Grow, Learn and Develop? Are you looking for a new hobby? Want to learn a new language? Or is it time to begin writing again?

Fitness isn’t about weight gain or less – although that may be part of your fitness goal. It’s about a general state of health and a good one usually means you have been exercising and eating healthily. And if we broaden the definition to wellness, where are you with other aspects such as sleeping, and/or dealing with stress?

You probably weren’t expecting this one: Fun. Why not? Laughter is still known as “the best medicine.” Are you enjoying life? Are you entertaining to be with, and able to be lighthearted or perhaps even full of joy? Finding pleasure in the day-to-day, being interesting – these are all potential aspects of fun.

Family/friends has many dimensions – How happy are you in your love life? Where are you at with key relationships in your life whether spouse, partner, best friend or parents?

Our environment also impacts how balanced we feel. Our surroundings or living and working conditions, geography and climate-related aspects, as well as a host of social and cultural factors significantly affect our lives on a day-to-day basis. Any single aspect, as well as the overall aggregate, can impact how satisfied we feel with our lives and overall direction.


With my coaching clients, his or her agenda is the focus. Often times, I find that seasoned executives as well as emerging leaders discover that lack of sufficient balance in life can become an obstacle to their leadership impact and hence their career, not to mention their fulfillment in life.

Through coaching conversations and the use of key tools, we can uncover what’s standing in your way of achieving your vision at work and in life. And then focus on the kind of change or transformation needed to unlock your Leadership Impact.

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