Executives and emerging leaders, are you having difficulty staying at the top of your leadership game?

Imagine that your team is engaged by the VISION
– Getting things done important to a bold future
– United by the core purpose and values of the business
– Committed, productive and operating at a high-level
– Including staff, customers, partners, board

And you are a confident successful leader highly respected by all.

So why are you struggling to lead? You’ve read all the leadership books but nowhere does it describe you, your specific situation and identify you would need to do. So you just keep cranking it up, ignoring the problem areas or putting out fires as they come up. You do too much yourself, and aren’t effectively using the talents of others.

So what do you need to do? You need to have a clear, big vision that resonates with the team. Without the commitment of others, the vision is an exercise. You need ownership by others who will happily and energetically follow the vision and leader they buy into.

Deborah Fell, Executive Coach, works with executives looking to be and stay at the top of their game. I help leaders break through the blocks that keep them from leading confidently and engaging the business with their vision. I offer leadership impact and transformation coaching to help executives and emerging leaders find and stay at the top of their game.

Your next step: If you want to be a more effective executive, increase your leadership impact, and inspire the team toward your vision, take the next step and tell me more about your situation here.