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There is much written about the subject of emerging leaders. Many articles focus on the projected shortage of emerging leaders, while others focus on the need to train, prepare and mentor emerging leaders in order to retain them.

If you are the emerging leader; however, you may not feel like there is a shortage as you compete heavily for position after position with other emerging talent, as well as boomers not ready to retire. The talent strategy and intention of the business is one thing, but it’s up to you to take control of your future, and proactively pursue your next phase of leadership.

Which of these describe you?
You didn’t get that promotion. Now what?
The program you created didn’t work. Now what?
You’re not clear what your career path or opportunities are in the company
Some peers are just out to get you
You’re living a life with a non-supportive boss
You are on track with your career – so how do you avoid derailers and keep the momentum?
You want to project more confidence

Ask yourself: If you simply couldn’t fail, what would your success look like?
You are working on an initiative critical to the company
You are leading a team successfully
The finalist for the Vice President position is you
You’re starting up your third business, and after selling the prior one
You have a balanced life
You are enjoying the challenges