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There is no doubt women are making tremendous progress in leadership positions. They are breaking new ground (Janet Yellen began her role as Federal Reserve Chairwoman in 2014.), and even dominating some surprising industries (Women executives lead the three biggest defense contractors in the US.). Women are also becoming entrepreneurs in increasing numbers: According to the 2014 State of Women-Owned Business report, over 9M businesses are owned by women – up 68% over the past two years.

While the statistics have a long way to go; however, they are improving. But what about you? Are you clear on your direction and satisfied with your progress? Or are you on the other side of these statistics wondering how you can get traction on making progress?

Where are you in your career plan, and what are you concerned about?
You are on track and feeling successful – How do you keep from getting side lined?
You’re encountering roadblocks to the next level
You are a smart, savvy, experienced female executive – why do you feel like you don’t have enough voice in the decisions?
You’re planning important next career moves or starting your own business
You are questioning your future – in this function, industry and/or company
Or, maybe you have the dream job… and yet, something is missing in life

Can you envision what success looks like for you? Leaders often focus on what’s missing, but thinking through what your dream looks like can help you create a better plan to get there.