“We’re here to put a dent in the universe.” Steve Jobs

Increase Your Leadership Impact

You’ve read the books, been to the seminars, even done formal feedback surveys to get candid input from your team and stakeholders. You can’t be any more committed or work any harder – there are no more hours in the day. And yet, things are going only just “well enough.” And that’s not what you set out to do as a leader.

So what’s the problem?
Most leadership books and seminars emphasize you, the leader, and speak to specific traits, skills and tips for enhancing aspects such as leadership presence, leadership brand, empathy, powerful speeches, etc.

But true leadership is when you influence followers, transform from the status quo… IMPACT people and organizations in a way that establishes a legacy that long outlasts you – no matter where you sit in the organization.

Leadership of this dimension can only come from the “inside.” It is personal leadership and is an extension of your own purpose and values. It has less to do with what you do, and more to do with who you are. Most critically, it is about who you are becoming as a leader, given that this is an on-going, active transformation process for you as well, and not the result of a “to-do” list.

Proprietary Leadership Impact Model
Based on three decades of leadership experience, observation of other leaders, research and conversations regarding the subject with mentors and experts alike, I have developed a proprietary model focused on defining and enhancing Leadership Impact.

It is one of the contexts I use in Executive Coaching, and it comes from the perspective of those that are supposed to follow you…those who are looking desperately for you to be a leader.

Leadership Impact Model Business Coaching Header Image Bethesda, MD

In short, Leadership Impact comes from your ability to be fully present, authentic and human. Each of these core dimensions of being (present, authentic, human) consists of essential skills that can be focused on to fundamentally boost your ability to lead. The overlap of these three dimensions is where the greatest transformation horsepower lives.

For a detailed discussion of the Leadership Impact model, click here to read my blog entitled “In Pursuit of Leadership Impact.”

Three Tips to Dramatically Boost Your Leadership Impact

1. Re-frame your leadership thinking – It is not just a matter of what you do:
a. You don’t “do” leadership, and leadership is never done, never completed. Leadership is a state of “being” and part of an on-going journey.
b. We aspire to be a leader with transformative impact on people, organizations, communities, and results. This is infinitely more challenging to take hold of, because, while there are many books that tell you what to do to be a leader, you can check them off and still not be a leader.
c. And no, I am not suggesting that all leaders are born leaders. I am suggesting and observing that executives that impact the business the most, have a way of being a leader that sets them apart.

2. Focus on them:
a. Leadership development can have a strong emphasis on you, the leader. In our work together, we would focus on your purpose and values, and on the transformative vision you have or want to embark on. We will focus on the key skills, attributes, beliefs to continue your leadership development; however, by tightening the leadership lens on the kind of impact you want to achieve, it’s actually less about you and more about what kind of impact you want to make on them, and on the business. This is where leadership gets more personal and takes much more guts.

3. Stop hiding behind the numbers:
a. As a leader, you measure – sales, profits, timelines, budgets, etc. Isn’t your impact obvious in the numbers? Only if you have the audacity to believe that you do it all.
b. Yes, you are on the line whether your company hits the numbers or not, but your impact as a leader is not measured in terms of these metrics: it’s measured in terms of your ability to call your teams best forward for a purpose bigger than achieving numbers for you or stockholders or anyone else.
c. To do this, first you have to be clear on your purpose, values and vision and what success looks like.

Take it from Steve Jobs – “We’re here to put a dent in the universe.”

Your impact as a leader is measured when you come out from behind the numbers, activities, processes, meetings and all the rest of the items on your list.  To learn more about Leadership Impact, click here to read my blog.