I work with executives who have been effective throughout their careers; however, they may have reached a roadblock in expanding their leadership impact. They have either reached plateau, or may have a specific situation that is standing in the way of moving forward toward their vision. I inspire leadership impact through executive coaching for seasoned and emerging leaders.

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My Story:

I started my career as a manager 30 years ago, and progressed to the Executive-level ranks to include:
– Global Senior Vice President
– Chief Marketing Officer
– Executive Committee member

I have worked across multiple industries, both business-to-business, and business-to-consumer firms, and have been responsible for 200-person teams across the globe.

Leadership Focus
During those years, my own leadership development became a key focus. I had an executive coach who helped me:
– Develop greater self-awareness, and identify and increase leverage of my greatest strengths
– Understand how some of my greatest strengths could also become derailers – more on that another time
– Clarify my goals at work and life

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I kept leadership and growth central in my life even to the extent that I began to enhance my ability to coach my team, as well as provide more development opportunities for leaders and teams.

And, wow, what a difference it made in the business, for them, and also for my executive experience and reputation.

New Chapter
So, it is not surprising that my next chapter in life has central focus on coaching executives and emerging leaders. Even though I have learned from my own great coach over the years (who has in fact given me the greatest honor by having me coach some of his clients), as well as from coaching my own teams, I did begin to pursue a rigorous professional coaching certification.

I completed all 104 hours of training and received my certificate as a professional Co-Active coach. The “Co-Active” approach was developed 22 years ago by three of the earliest recognized luminaries in coaching: Laura Whitworth, and Karen and Henry Kimsey-House. Today, the principles are the foundation for coach education for many colleges, business schools, and coach programs around the world.

My Passion
I enjoy helping other leaders increase their perspective, and make the changes they need to make to achieve what they want in business and in life. Given my 30+ years of business experience, including at the executive level, I bring the unique advantage of having a clear understanding of the role of leader in the context of business goals, pressures, and constant change. And I maintain a passion for helping others with the important quest of leadership impact.

I believe that people are naturally resourceful, creative and whole. Their lives are greater than the sum of whatever issues, challenges, or enhancements they may have or want to make in their lives. You, your agenda, your goals are at the center, and my role is to enable you to progress toward your goals.

Confidentiality, listening, courage, intuiting, challenging are all part of my responsibility. I give and expect trust, honesty, integrity and understanding.

While I was a Global Senior Vice President for a $12B company, my husband was gravely ill and had many disabilities due to Multiple Sclerosis. Through the years and until he passed away, I was constantly challenged to provide adequate care, love and support for him, and also be effective in a challenging marketing role with a large global team that also had many needs.

What I learned and what I demonstrated was that we are more than what we do. Our identities are not jobs, titles or companies – although they are all a part. Our identities are who we really are in the face of our complete life and set of circumstances. For me, my leadership was broader than my title, and more richly defined than by my role. My impact at work and in life came from my ability to:

– Be fully present – whether I was at home or at work
– Be human – focusing on the relationships, the connections and the balance of my life
– Be authentic – transparent, trustworthy and trusting of others, and empowering to my team…as well as to my disabled husband

These experiences have enabled me to give my clients confidence, hope and courage.

Coaching Credentials
I have a certificate from the Coaches Training Institute after having completed all 104 hours of their core curriculum. I am also a member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF). The ICF sets rigorous standards for excellence in professional coaching worldwide. Well-trained coaches show higher degrees of success with clients.

Your Next Step
Thanks for taking the time to read about me. If you want to start focusing on enhancing your leadership impact, and empowering your team, we should talk. Take the next step and tell me more about you and your goals here.