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Successful executives are often over-stressed with no one to talk with about core issues and concerns. It’s hard to find the right person to open up to when you are supposed to be the all knowing, completely confident leader – whether CEO of the business, or head of a department.

Do any of these describe you?
You are successful and well respected at the top of your game. How do you stay there?
It’s lonely at the top and there are few you can trust to talk through issues.
Having trouble mustering your game face?
Working hard and not getting the result? Watching associate engagement plummet?
Running from meeting to meeting all day long with no time to create a vision let along inspire others?

It could be as simple as re-focusing on how to prepare strategically for a meeting or event, thinking through the best approach for a difficult conversation with a direct report, or finding ways to prioritize your time and energy with family and friends.

Current reality is:
Your inspirational message at the town hall was … not inspiring
The meetings with the board members are not going well
You just got promoted, and the “honeymoon” is over
You’re in a new position, and things aren’t going well
You have some difficult conversations ahead with key team members
You work and travel all the time – and it’s still not enough
Now your family is complaining, too

If you had the perfect situation, if you had what you want, what would it look like? Just close your eyes and imagine what would be happening.

So what is your dream? What do you want?
– Team is “clicking”
– Board members are happy
– The business is achieving results
– You are balancing and enjoying life
– You love the challenges