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Are you an executive looking to INSPIRE your organization in times of transition and uncertainty?

I work with executives who have been effective functionally throughout their careers and have reached a roadblock. You may be struggling to re-inspire the team after a transition or setback. You may have a blind spot and need to increase self-awareness and self-management. Or you may need skill enhancement in communicating key messages confidently, and tailoring them to the audience.

I have the greatest success with clients who are:

content Passion image– Passionate about both personal growth and the success of their teams
– Are open to change. You acknowledge that something isn’t working, and you want to get through this road-block
– You are willing to put in the effort
– You have a sense of purpose, and a desire to achieve in life

As your coach, I help you enhance your leadership impact so you can have increased success in both your business and in your life.


My core process: Co-Active Coaching

The “Co-Active” approach was developed 22 years ago by three of the earliest recognized luminaries in coaching: Laura Whitworth, and Karen and Henry Kimsey-House. Today, the principles are the foundation for coach education for many colleges, business schools, and coach programs around the world.

In short, the Co-Active process balances self-awareness, a keen agility with relationships and courageous action to create transformation in work and in life.

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In our work together, we will focus not just on what you are or are not doing to be a more effective leader, but also how you are being a leader. It starts with your goals and objectives, and includes guided conversations specifically focused on deepening the learning and forwarding actions toward your goals.

What makes me unique?

In addition to being trained and experienced in the coaching method that has impacted the lives and careers of thousands of leaders around the world, I have 30 years of business experience, including the executive level. This gives me the unique advantage of having a clear understanding of the role of leader in the context of business goals, pressures, constant change and challenging environments and teams.

How the process works

– Engagements typically begin with an in-person (preferred) discovery and contracting session to discuss background, goals, needs, process
– Establishing goals, baselines and other inputs up front are essential to achieving the desired progress and result

– If needed, assessments and 360 feedback are initiated, and analyses are provided in an upcoming session

– Engagement length minimum is 4 months, with 30 – 45 minute sessions every other week
– Calls, emails occur in between as needed by client

Take action:

If you want to increase your leadership impact and lead a more fulfilling life, tell me more about your situation here.